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Dungeons and Dragons Dungeons of Dread miniatures

Dungeons and Dragons Dungeons of Dread miniatures

Dungeons of Dread is the fifteenth (15th) expansion in the Dungeons and Dragons miniatures' realm. Dungeons of Dread is filled with rich and well designed miniatures with the ability to be used in the Dungeons and Dragons miniatures game or the Dungeons and Dragons role-playing worlds.

Like all its' other products, Wizards of the Coast produced Dungeons and Dragons miniatures range so it's simplicity could be played by any age group. This Dungeons of Dread expansion holds another 60 figures in the set. Including the ugly Eye of Flame.

All Dungeons and Dragons miniatures in the Dungeons of Dread expansion come complete with Statistics Card, which allows for the Dungeons of Dread miniature to be used in either miniature play or role-playing scenarios.

The Dungeons of Dread expansion like all other expansions in the miniatures' realm is play legal.
DDDU Ascendant Hellsword 21/60 RDDDU Ascendant Hellsword 21/60 R
DDDU Balhannoth 25/60 RDDDU Balhannoth 25/60 R
DDDU Bralani 60/60 RDDDU Bralani 60/60 R
DDDU Bugbear Headreaver 32/60 UDDDU Bugbear Headreaver 32/60 U
DDDU Bulette 53/60 UDDDU Bulette 53/60 U
DDDU Champion of Baphomet 24/60 RDDDU Champion of Baphomet 24/60 R
DDDU Cleric of Pelor 03/60 UDDDU Cleric of Pelor 03/60 U
DDDU Cleric of Pelor 07/60 RDDDU Cleric of Pelor 07/60 R
DDDU Dwarf Shieldmaiden 33/60 UDDDU Dwarf Shieldmaiden 33/60 U
DDDU Emerald Orb Wizard 44/60 RDDDU Emerald Orb Wizard 44/60 R
DDDU Ettin Jack-of-Irons 38/60 RDDDU Ettin Jack-of-Irons 38/60 R
DDDU Everfrost Ranger 39/60 UDDDU Everfrost Ranger 39/60 U
DDDU Eye of Flame 14/60 RDDDU Eye of Flame 14/60 R
DDDU Giant Centipede 56/60 CDDDU Giant Centipede 56/60 C
DDDU Gnoll Marauder 31/60 CDDDU Gnoll Marauder 31/60 C
DDDU Griffon 40/60 RDDDU Griffon 40/60 R
DDDU Ice Archon 29/60 UDDDU Ice Archon 29/60 U
DDDU Immolith 15/60 RDDDU Immolith 15/60 R
DDDU Iron Defender 36/60 CDDDU Iron Defender 36/60 C
DDDU Lamia 30/60 RDDDU Lamia 30/60 R
DDDU Mind Flayer Scourge 26/60 RDDDU Mind Flayer Scourge 26/60 R
DDDU Oni 11/60 RDDDU Oni 11/60 R
DDDU Rakshasa Baron 22/60 RDDDU Rakshasa Baron 22/60 R
DDDU Runecarved Eidolon 49/60 RDDDU Runecarved Eidolon 49/60 R
DDDU Shade Knight 51/60 UDDDU Shade Knight 51/60 U
DDDU Skeletal Tomb Guardian 52/60 RDDDU Skeletal Tomb Guardian 52/60 R
DDDU Spectral Magelord 46/60 RDDDU Spectral Magelord 46/60 R
DDDU Vampire Vizier 28/60 RDDDU Vampire Vizier 28/60 R
DDDU Vrock 20/60 RDDDU Vrock 20/60 R
DDDU Wyvern 42/60 RDDDU Wyvern 42/60 R
DDDU Young Red Dragon 09/60 RDDDU Young Red Dragon 09/60 R
DDDU Young Silver Dragon 05/60 RDDDU Young Silver Dragon 05/60 R
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