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Star Wars Dark Times miniatures

Star Wars Dark Times miniatures


SWDT 4-LOM, Droid Mercenary 27/40 RSWDT 4-LOM, Droid Mercenary 27/40 R
SWDT 501st Legion Clone Trooper 06/40 CSWDT 501st Legion Clone Trooper 06/40 C
SWDT Bomo Greenbark 23/40 VRSWDT Bomo Greenbark 23/40 VR
SWDT Bossk, Trandoshan Hunter 24/40 RSWDT Bossk, Trandoshan Hunter 24/40 R
SWDT Boushh, Ubese Hunter 25/40 RSWDT Boushh, Ubese Hunter 25/40 R
SWDT Chewbacca, Fearless Scout 10/40 VRSWDT Chewbacca, Fearless Scout 10/40 VR
SWDT Dengar, Hired Killer 26/40 RSWDT Dengar, Hired Killer 26/40 R
SWDT Elite Sith Assassin 02/40 CSWDT Elite Sith Assassin 02/40 C
SWDT Ferus Olin 12/40 VRSWDT Ferus Olin 12/40 VR
SWDT Gungan Bounty Hunter 28/40 USWDT Gungan Bounty Hunter 28/40 U
SWDT Human Engineer 29/40 CSWDT Human Engineer 29/40 C
SWDT IG-88, Assassin Droid  30/40 RSWDT IG-88, Assassin Droid 30/40 R
SWDT Imperial Engineer 18/40 CSWDT Imperial Engineer 18/40 C
SWDT Imperial Inquisitor 19/40 USWDT Imperial Inquisitor 19/40 U
SWDT Jax Pavan 13/40 VRSWDT Jax Pavan 13/40 VR
SWDT Kir Kanos 21/40 VRSWDT Kir Kanos 21/40 VR
SWDT K’Kruhk, Jedi Master 07/40 VRSWDT K’Kruhk, Jedi Master 07/40 VR
SWDT Major Maximilian Veers 22/40 RSWDT Major Maximilian Veers 22/40 R
SWDT Mandalorian Jedi Hunter 40/40 CSWDT Mandalorian Jedi Hunter 40/40 C
SWDT Merumeru 08/40 RSWDT Merumeru 08/40 R
SWDT Rodian Brute 31/40 CSWDT Rodian Brute 31/40 C
SWDT Rodian Raider 32/40 CSWDT Rodian Raider 32/40 C
SWDT Talz Chieftain 33/40 USWDT Talz Chieftain 33/40 U
SWDT Talz Warrior 34/40 CSWDT Talz Warrior 34/40 C
SWDT Togorian Soldier 35/40 USWDT Togorian Soldier 35/40 U
SWDT Trandoshan Elite Mercenary 36/40 USWDT Trandoshan Elite Mercenary 36/40 U
SWDT T’surr 38/40 CSWDT T’surr 38/40 C
SWDT Zuckuss, Bounty Hunter 39/40 RSWDT Zuckuss, Bounty Hunter 39/40 R

 Dark Times is the fifteenth (15th) release in the Star Wars miniatures' range.

This expansion holds 40 figures in the base set.  

All Star Wars miniatures in Dark Times expansion come complete with Statistics Card, which allows for Dark Times miniature to be used in either miniature play or role-playing scenarios.

All Star Wars miniatures are based around a map design board, with the individual player creating their own army of Star Wars miniatures based on either Rebellion, Imperial or the various other factions within the Star Wars miniatures' universe.

Like all of the expansion sets in the Star Wars realm, Dark Times miniatures are play legal.

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