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Does MM have access to every miniature produced by Wizards of the Coast?

Due the age of some products produced by Wizards, MM has limited stocks of the earliest sets.

 Only when reprints of some sets occur, does MM again gain access to otherwise deleted lines.

Why use overnight delivery?

When a customer is usually looking for gaming pieces, they are usually impatient, so the best way to combat that problem, is to offer a solution of overnight delivery.

Are there other choices to overnight delivery? 

Express may not be necessary in all cases, so a cheaper secondary method of shipping by Australia Post is also offered.

What is the free shipping option?

All purchases over $100 will be shipped free in Australia. Australia Post is usually used for the free shipping option. 

International orders over $200 will be shipped for free. Standard international postage will be used.

Why are all consignments either registered or insured?

MM will not be held liable for goods lost in transit, and neither should the buyers, that responsiblity is in the hands of the courier or postal service.

All orders shipped in Australia, free or not, will incur $3 for registered post. Insurance is available for Australian orders too.

International orders, free or not, will incur $10 for insurance.


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