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Star Wars Legacy of the Force miniatures

Star Wars Legacy of the Force miniatures

Generations after the death of Emperor Palpatine, new Sith Lords arise to challenge the resurgent Empire and destroy the last of the Jedi.

But the legacy of the Force lives on.

Dark side battles light side in an all-out struggle to control the galaxy and determine the fate of the Force. Bolster your corner of the Star Wars Universe with Legacy of the Force minis!

Because you demanded it, Wizards of the Coast is pleased to announce more Expanded Universe minis for your collection. Featuring characters from the wildly popular, Star Wars: Legacy comic book series from Dark Horse Comics, Del Rey's Legacy of the Force novels, and other favorite personalities from the Star Wars saga, the Legacy of the Force miniatures set allows you to stage memorable Expanded Universe battles or create new ones with the most diverse collection of high quality, authentic figures available. So pick a side, gather your squad,
and may the Force be with you!

Legacy of the Force was the eighth release in the Star Wars miniatures' range.

Legacy of the Force is filled with painted and well designed miniatures with the ability to be used in the Star Wars miniatures game or the Star Wars role-playing worlds.

Like all its' other products, Wizards of the Coast produced the Star Wars Legacy of the Force miniatures range so it's simplicity could be played by any age group.

This expansion holds 60 figures in the set. Including the ultimate rare Luke and Yoda.

All Star Wars miniatures in the Legacy of the Force expansion come complete with Statistics Card, which allows for the Legacy of the Force miniature to be used in either miniature play or role-playing scenarios.

All Star Wars Legacy of the Force miniatures are based around a map design board, with the individual player creating their own army of Star Wars miniatures based on either Rebellion, Imperial or the various other factions within the Star Wars miniatures' universe.

Like all of the expansion sets in the Star Wars Legacy of the Force miniatures realm are play legal.

SWLF  Imperial Knight 21/60 USWLF Imperial Knight 21/60 U
SWLF  Imperial Pilot 22/60 CSWLF Imperial Pilot 22/60 C
SWLF Bothan Noble 11/60 USWLF Bothan Noble 11/60 U
SWLF Corellian Security Officer 30/60 USWLF Corellian Security Officer 30/60 U
SWLF Darth Tyranus, Legacy of the Dark Side 10/60 RSWLF Darth Tyranus, Legacy of the Dark Side 10/60 R
SWLF Deena Shan 12/60 RSWLF Deena Shan 12/60 R
SWLF Deliah Blue 41/60 RSWLF Deliah Blue 41/60 R
SWLF Dug Fringer 42/60 USWLF Dug Fringer 42/60 U
SWLF Duros Scoundrel 43/60 CSWLF Duros Scoundrel 43/60 C
SWLF Elite Rebel Commando 13/60 USWLF Elite Rebel Commando 13/60 U
SWLF Galactic Alliance Scout 31/60 CSWLF Galactic Alliance Scout 31/60 C
SWLF Galactic Alliance Trooper 32/60 CSWLF Galactic Alliance Trooper 32/60 C
SWLF General Dodonna 14/60 RSWLF General Dodonna 14/60 R
SWLF Gotal Mercenary 44/60 CSWLF Gotal Mercenary 44/60 C
SWLF Guard Droid 45/60 CSWLF Guard Droid 45/60 C
SWLF Han Solo, Galactic Hero 33/60 RSWLF Han Solo, Galactic Hero 33/60 R
SWLF Human Bodyguard 46/60 CSWLF Human Bodyguard 46/60 C
SWLF Human Scoundrel 47/60 CSWLF Human Scoundrel 47/60 C
SWLF Human Scout 48/60 CSWLF Human Scout 48/60 C
SWLF Imperial Knight 20/60 USWLF Imperial Knight 20/60 U
SWLF Jagged Fel 24/60 RSWLF Jagged Fel 24/60 R
SWLF Jariah Syn 49/60 RSWLF Jariah Syn 49/60 R
SWLF Kel Dor Bounty Hunter 50/60 CSWLF Kel Dor Bounty Hunter 50/60 C
SWLF Kyle Katarn, Jedi Battlemaster 34/60 VRSWLF Kyle Katarn, Jedi Battlemaster 34/60 VR
SWLF Lumiya, the Dark Lady 08/60 RSWLF Lumiya, the Dark Lady 08/60 R
SWLF Mandalorian Trooper 56/60 USWLF Mandalorian Trooper 56/60 U
SWLF Moff Nyna Calixte 27/60 RSWLF Moff Nyna Calixte 27/60 R
SWLF Noghri Commando 28/60 USWLF Noghri Commando 28/60 U
SWLF Nomi Sunrider 01/60 VRSWLF Nomi Sunrider 01/60 VR
SWLF Old Republic Recruit 02/60 CSWLF Old Republic Recruit 02/60 C
SWLF Old Republic Scout 03/60 CSWLF Old Republic Scout 03/60 C
SWLF Rebel Honor Guard 16/60 CSWLF Rebel Honor Guard 16/60 C
SWLF Rodian Blaster-for-Hire 51/60 USWLF Rodian Blaster-for-Hire 51/60 U
SWLF Shado Vao 38/60 RSWLF Shado Vao 38/60 R
SWLF Trandoshan Mercenary 52/60 CSWLF Trandoshan Mercenary 52/60 C
SWLF Twi'lek Scout 17/60 CSWLF Twi'lek Scout 17/60 C
SWLF Yuuzhan Vong Jedi Hunter 58/60 USWLF Yuuzhan Vong Jedi Hunter 58/60 U
SWLF Yuuzhan Vong Shaper 59/60 USWLF Yuuzhan Vong Shaper 59/60 U
SWLF Yuuzhan Vong Warrior 60/60 CSWLF Yuuzhan Vong Warrior 60/60 C
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