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Dungeons and Dragons Giants of Legend miniatures

Dungeons and Dragons Giants of Legend miniatures

Giants of Legend is the fourth (4th) expansion in the Dungeons and Dragon miniatures' realm. Giants of Legend is filled with rich and well designed miniatures with the ability to be used in the Dungeons and Dragons miniatures game or the Dungeons and Dragons role-playing worlds.

Like all its' other products, Wizards of the Coast produced Dungeons and Dragons miniatures range so it's simplicity could be played by any age group. This Giants of Legend expansion holds another 72 figures in the set. Including the massive Huge Red Dragon.

All Dungeons and Dragons miniatures in the Giants of Legend expansion come complete with Statistics Card, which allows for the Giants of Legend miniature to be used in either miniature play or role-playing scenarios.

The Giants of Legend expansion like all other expansions in the miniatures' realm is play legal.
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