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Dungeons and Dragons Desert of Desolation miniatures

Dungeons and Dragons Desert of Desolation miniatures

Night Below is the thirteenth (13th) expansion in the Dungeons and Dragons miniatures' realm. Desert of Desolation is filled with rich and well designed miniatures with the ability to be used in the Dungeons and Dragons miniatures game or the Dungeons and Dragons role-playing worlds.

Like all its' other products, Wizards of the Coast produced Dungeons and Dragons miniatures range so it's simplicity could be played by any age group. This Desert of Desolation expansion holds another 60 figures in the set. Including the sorcerer Raistlin Majere.

All Dungeons and Dragons miniatures in the Desert of Desolation expansion come complete with Statistics Card, which allows for the Desert of Desolation miniature to be used in either miniature play or role-playing scenarios.

The Desert of Desolation expansion like all other expansions in the miniatures' realm is play legal.
DDDD Angel of Vengeance   01/60 RDDDD Angel of Vengeance 01/60 R
DDDD Astral Stalker  26/60 UDDDD Astral Stalker 26/60 U
DDDD Bar-Lgura   44/60 RDDDD Bar-Lgura 44/60 R
DDDD Blade Spider 38/60 RDDDD Blade Spider 38/60 R
DDDD Bruenor Battlehammer  10/60 RDDDD Bruenor Battlehammer 10/60 R
DDDD Capricious Copper Dragon  23/60 RDDDD Capricious Copper Dragon 23/60 R
DDDD Cyclops   40/60 RDDDD Cyclops 40/60 R
DDDD Drider  45/60 RDDDD Drider 45/60 R
DDDD Eternal Blade  17/60 UDDDD Eternal Blade 17/60 U
DDDD Ettercap Webspinner 48/60 UDDDD Ettercap Webspinner 48/60 U
DDDD Fire Archon  50/60 RDDDD Fire Archon 50/60 R
DDDD Macetail Behemoth   06/60 RDDDD Macetail Behemoth 06/60 R
DDDD Manticore Sniper  29/60 RDDDD Manticore Sniper 29/60 R
DDDD Mercenary General   21/60 RDDDD Mercenary General 21/60 R
DDDD Naga   43/60 RDDDD Naga 43/60 R
DDDD Nightmare   30/60 RDDDD Nightmare 30/60 R
DDDD Ogre Brute   52/60 RDDDD Ogre Brute 52/60 R
DDDD Osyluth   31/60 RDDDD Osyluth 31/60 R
DDDD Rot Scarab Swarm   32/60 CDDDD Rot Scarab Swarm 32/60 C
DDDD Sahuagin Baron   34/60 RDDDD Sahuagin Baron 34/60 R
DDDD Shadow Mastiff   36/60 UDDDD Shadow Mastiff 36/60 U
DDDD Sphinx  08/60 RDDDD Sphinx 08/60 R
DDDD Spined Devil   37/60 UDDDD Spined Devil 37/60 U
DDDD Thundertusk Boar   09/60 UDDDD Thundertusk Boar 09/60 U
DDDD Visejaw Crocodile   22/60 UDDDD Visejaw Crocodile 22/60 U
DDDD Warhorse   13/60 UDDDD Warhorse 13/60 U
DDDD Werewolf Champion   58/60 RDDDD Werewolf Champion 58/60 R
DDDD Yuan-Ti Champion of Zehir   59/60 RDDDD Yuan-Ti Champion of Zehir 59/60 R
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