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Dungeons and Dragons Night Below miniatures

Dungeons and Dragons Night Below miniatures

Night Below is the thirteenth (13th) expansion in the Dungeons and Dragons miniatures' realm. Night Below is filled with rich and well designed miniatures with the ability to be used in the Dungeons and Dragons miniatures game or the Dungeons and Dragons role-playing worlds.

Like all its' other products, Wizards of the Coast produced Dungeons and Dragons miniatures range so it's simplicity could be played by any age group. This Night Below expansion holds another 60 figures in the set. Including the sorcerer Raistlin Majere.

All Dungeons and Dragons miniatures in the Night Below expansion come complete with Statistics Card, which allows for the Night Below miniature to be used in either miniature play or role-playing scenarios.

The Night Below expansion like all other expansions in the miniatures' realm is play legal.
DDNB Aspect of Loviatar 26/60 RDDNB Aspect of Loviatar 26/60 R
DDNB Berserk Flesh Golem 46/60 RDDNB Berserk Flesh Golem 46/60 R
DDNB Bluespawn Ambusher 28/60 CDDNB Bluespawn Ambusher 28/60 C
DDNB Clawborn Scorrow 49/60 RDDNB Clawborn Scorrow 49/60 R
DDNB Dracotaur Rager 50/60 RDDNB Dracotaur Rager 50/60 R
DDNB Dread Wraith 29/60 RDDNB Dread Wraith 29/60 R
DDNB Drow Enforcer 51/60 UDDNB Drow Enforcer 51/60 U
DDNB Exarch of Tyranny 30/60 RDDNB Exarch of Tyranny 30/60 R
DDNB Frost Giant Jarl 52/60 RDDNB Frost Giant Jarl 52/60 R
DDNB Greater Basilisk 19/60 RDDNB Greater Basilisk 19/60 R
DDNB Guardian Naga 08/60 RDDNB Guardian Naga 08/60 R
DDNB Halfling Tombseeker 20/60 UDDNB Halfling Tombseeker 20/60 U
DDNB Hierophant of the Seventh Wind 21/60 RDDNB Hierophant of the Seventh Wind 21/60 R
DDNB Lady Vol 36/60 RDDNB Lady Vol 36/60 R
DDNB Large Gold Dragon 10/60 RDDNB Large Gold Dragon 10/60 R
DDNB Large Shadow Dragon 57/60 RDDNB Large Shadow Dragon 57/60 R
DDNB Large White Dragon 58/60 RDDNB Large White Dragon 58/60 R
DDNB Lifeleech Otyugh 44/60 RDDNB Lifeleech Otyugh 44/60 R
DDNB Medusa Archer 37/60 UDDNB Medusa Archer 37/60 U
DDNB Mind Flayer Lich 38/60 RDDNB Mind Flayer Lich 38/60 R
DDNB Noble Salamander 39/60 RDDNB Noble Salamander 39/60 R
DDNB Raistlin Majere 14/60 RDDNB Raistlin Majere 14/60 R
DDNB Shadow 60/60 UDDNB Shadow 60/60 U
DDNB Shadowbane Inquisitor 11/60 RDDNB Shadowbane Inquisitor 11/60 R
DDNB Skeletal Courser 41/60 RDDNB Skeletal Courser 41/60 R
DDNB Valiant Cavalry 12/60 RDDNB Valiant Cavalry 12/60 R
DDNB Wulfgar 25/60 RDDNB Wulfgar 25/60 R
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