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Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic miniatures

Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic miniatures

Knights of the Old Republic was the tenth (10th) release in the Star Wars miniatures' range.

During the era of the Old Republic, Jedi battle against Sith Lords, Mandalorian warriors raid Outer Rim worlds, and the Republic struggles to fight off enemies at every turn. This is the time of the Knights of the Old Republic campaign, and it is one of the most exciting periods in all Star Wars continuity.

Knights of the Old Republic is filled with painted and well designed miniatures with the ability to be used in the Star Wars miniatures game or the Star Wars role-playing worlds.

Like all its' other products, Wizards of the Coast produced the Star Wars miniatures range so it's simplicity could be played by any age group.

This expansion holds 60 figures in the set. Collect Zayne Carrick, Jar Jar Binks, Darth Sion and more!

All Star Wars miniatures in the Knights of the Old Republic expansion come complete with Statistics Card, which allows for the Knights of the Old Republic miniature to be used in either miniature play or role-playing scenarios.

All Star Wars miniatures are based around a map design board, with the individual player creating their own army of Star Wars miniatures based on either Rebellion, Imperial or the various other factions within the Star Wars miniatures' universe.

Like all of the expansion sets in the Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic miniatures realm are play legal.

SWKOTOR Atton Rand 01/60 VRSWKOTOR Atton Rand 01/60 VR
SWKOTOR Bao-Dur 02/60 RSWKOTOR Bao-Dur 02/60 R
SWKOTOR Captain Panaka 22/60 RSWKOTOR Captain Panaka 22/60 R
SWKOTOR Captain Tarpals 23/60 RSWKOTOR Captain Tarpals 23/60 R
SWKOTOR Czerka Scientist 38/60 CSWKOTOR Czerka Scientist 38/60 C
SWKOTOR Darth Malak, Dark Lord of the Sith 13/60 VRSWKOTOR Darth Malak, Dark Lord of the Sith 13/60 VR
SWKOTOR Echani Handmaiden 39/60 CSWKOTOR Echani Handmaiden 39/60 C
SWKOTOR General Wedge Antilles 35/60 RSWKOTOR General Wedge Antilles 35/60 R
SWKOTOR GenoHaradan Assassin 40/60 CSWKOTOR GenoHaradan Assassin 40/60 C
SWKOTOR Gungan Artillerist 24/60 CSWKOTOR Gungan Artillerist 24/60 C
SWKOTOR Gungan Soldier 26/60 CSWKOTOR Gungan Soldier 26/60 C
SWKOTOR Jar Jar Binks 27/60 VRSWKOTOR Jar Jar Binks 27/60 VR
SWKOTOR Jarael 41/60 RSWKOTOR Jarael 41/60 R
SWKOTOR Kreia 45/60 VRSWKOTOR Kreia 45/60 VR
SWKOTOR Leia Organa, Senator 31/60 VRSWKOTOR Leia Organa, Senator 31/60 VR
SWKOTOR Mandalore Marauder 58/60 CSWKOTOR Mandalore Marauder 58/60 C
SWKOTOR Mandalore Quartermaster 59/60 UNSWKOTOR Mandalore Quartermaster 59/60 UN
SWKOTOR Mandalore Scout 60/60 CSWKOTOR Mandalore Scout 60/60 C
SWKOTOR Mission Vao 47/60 RSWKOTOR Mission Vao 47/60 R
SWKOTOR Old Republic Captain 07/60 UNSWKOTOR Old Republic Captain 07/60 UN
SWKOTOR Old Republic Guard 08/60 CSWKOTOR Old Republic Guard 08/60 C
SWKOTOR Sith Assassin 16/60 UNSWKOTOR Sith Assassin 16/60 UN
SWKOTOR Sith Guard 17/60 CSWKOTOR Sith Guard 17/60 C
SWKOTOR Sith Operative 20/60 CSWKOTOR Sith Operative 20/60 C
SWKOTOR Sith Trooper Captain 21/60 UNSWKOTOR Sith Trooper Captain 21/60 UN
SWKOTOR T3-M4 51/60 RSWKOTOR T3-M4 51/60 R
SWKOTOR Visas Marr 10/60 RSWKOTOR Visas Marr 10/60 R
SWKOTOR Wookie Trooper 12/60 CSWKOTOR Wookie Trooper 12/60 C
SWKOTOR Zaalbar 53/60 RSWKOTOR Zaalbar 53/60 R
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